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About Us

OGTECH - establish 2020 - During peak covid when everything was in lockdown and work was done from home, we saw the need of uplifting and decorating our workspaces to make them seem less boring hence increasing productive, that's where OGTECH was born, with the available options it lacked originality and uniqueness, only a few were selling low quality products that can enhance the setup, anything cool and unique could only be seen on tiktok or brought from abroad, here we come in and source unique and high quality products to ensure that you can trust us and make your setup stand out! we bring you original products of the highest quality, keeping in mind, the needs of our customers.

Through a thorough testing phase, OGTECH ensures that customers will get the satisfaction of user friendly products, perfect for creating aesthetically pleasing vibes in the comfort of their own spaces.

OGTECH not only brings you high-tech and trendy products, but also colours your life!

Email: info.ogtec@gmail.com

Contact: 0300-004TECH (8324)

WhatsApp: 0300-0048324

Address: 125-C, Office-1, 24th commercial street, Phase 2, DHA Karachi.